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Sim Commander 4

Sim Commander 4 Motion Simulator Software Suite

What is the Sim Commander 4 Motion Simulator Software Suite
Sim Commander 3 MOtion Simulator Software Engine Main Screen
Launcher Screen

A motion simulation software engine is the heart of any motion simulator. It creates the simulators movement instructions and is therfore one of the most critical pieces of the performance puzzle. SimXperience's own Sim Commander 4 motion engine leads the way in ease of use, performance and tunability. Home users can easily get started by double clicking a ready made 'Sim Setup' icon from the Sim Commander's main menu. Advanced users and engineers can drill down in realtime to create a fully customized simulation experience. Every aspect of the motion simulator is fully customizable such as acceleration, braking, lateral G forces, yaw, pitch, roll, rear traction loss, etc.. Simply put, the Sim Commander 4 is the most advanced and versatile motion simulation engine available yet it's simple to use.

Who Is It For

SimXperience motion simulators and motion starter kits ship with Sim Commander 4 motion software suite licenses. SimXperience customers may download a copy of the Sim Commander below. Additionally many commercial sim builders and sim centers choose to license the Sim Commander to power their simulators or driver training centers . Please contact us for commercial licensing information.


While simple to use, the Sim Commander is the most robust and flexible motion simulator software engine available today. We highly suggest these quick tutorial videos to help you get the most from your SimXperience motion simulator.


Standard Edition
Included with SimXperience Simulators & Motion Starter Kits. NOT licensed for commercial use or resale.
Custom / Sim Center Edition
For those with customization needs such as support for a special mechanical configuration, branding, sim center card swipe payments, etc.
Commercial Reseller Edition
For commercial simulator builders that will build and resell simulators but do not require customization

Version Comparison Chart

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