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Transfer Product Ownership

Transfer Product Ownership

Transferring Ownership of a SimXperience Product Due to Sale

If you've sold a SimXperience product that you purchased on, you can transfer the related software licenses and Owners Club access to the new owner by completing the form below. Please transfer only one item per form submission. To make a submission, you will need to be logged in with the same account that you used to purchase the product. You will also need to have the new owner create an account on and tell you the email  address he or she used when doing so BEFORE making completing the transfer form.

Please note that any licenses you transfer may no longer be used on your machine and can be disabled by SimXperience at any time. You can add and remove Sim Commander licenses in the Sim Commander Control Center-->Settings Tab-->Advanced-->Licensing section.

Please note that SimVibe only purchases do not qualify for license transfer.

Transfer Request Form

Your registered email address
SimXperience Registered Email Of New Owner
Enter the Sim Commander license to be transferred to the new owner.
List all products sold that you wish to transfer ownership of.

Please help us to improve by explaining why you sold or gifted your SimXperience product to someone else.
Would you consider SimXperience products for your future simulation needs?
I understand that SimXperience will revoke my Owners Club rights and Sim Commander license unless I have another qualifying product purchase on
I understand that SimXperience will revoke the license being transferred, making it unusable on my PC.
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