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Rear Traction Loss Simulation

Rear Traction Loss Simulation Module For Stage Series Simulators


The Rear Traction Loss Add-On allows for an even more precise simulation by adding a third actuator arm and motion base extension in order to simulate vehicle rotation in addition to G-Forces! This SimXperience original and exclusive design allows drivers to find the edge of traction by feel unlike any competing simulator.

  • Drive by the seat of your pants feeling
  • Adds 3rd SCN5 150mm Actuator
  • Completes the look of your simulator
  • Simple Bolt Together Design (No Cutting, Grinding, Painting or Welding Required)
  • Structural Rigidity (Built From Steel Yet Light Enough For 1 Person To Move)
  • Scratch Resistant Powder Coated Finish (Available In A Variety Of Colors)

It's everything you need to upgrade a Stage 2 Motion Simulator to a Full Motion 3DOF Stage 3


*This is not a standalone product. It is a Stage Series Upgrade.

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